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Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics Report
We publish reports on topics related to medical topics and drug development.  Our most recent publication is Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics - The Next Generation Emerges

Targeted Payload Cancer Therapies - The Next Generation Emerges
August 2012
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Key Highlights
  • Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics (TPCTs) recently hit three milestones, rekindling excitement among investors about their marketplace viability: FDA approval of Seattle Genetics’s lymphoma treatment, Adcetris; better than expected results from a phase III trial for Algeta’s Alpharadin for the treatment of bone metastases; and encouraging results from the ImmunoGen/Genentech phase III trial of T-DM1, a toxin-enhanced version of the blockbuster drug Herceptin to treat metastatic breast cancer.
  • There is small but growing pipeline of promising TPCTs in earlier phases of clinical testing including: Actinium’s phase I/II trials of Iomab-B for bone marrow conditioning in AML patients over 50 and Actimab-A for the treatment of AML in tolder patients; Immunomedics’s phase II trial of Y-90 Clivatuzumab for pancreatic cancer; Novelos’s initiation of phase Ib trial of I-131 CLR 1404 (HOT), targeted to solid tumors; and Peregrine Pharmaceuticals’s completion of phase II trials for the company’s brain cancer treatment, Cotara.
  • Actinium Pharmaceuticals has built a leadership position in the use of radiation-containing TPCTs, with two lead products tested in approximately 300 patients in Phase I and II clinical trials: Iomab-B for preparing hard-to-treat cancer patients for bone marrow transplant and Actimab-A for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in older patients. There are an additional 8 physician-sponsored phase I/II clinical trials underway. Actinium’s Alpha Particle Immunotherapy (APIT) platform uses more powerful, safer radiation than in current products and has broad applications for the treatment of many cancers.

Report Structure

  • Section A of this report defines and describes cancer and its market. 
  • Section B focuses on the blood cancers market, an area in which current and future TPCTs are likely to concentrate on, because this is a potentially lucrative market segment with significant unmet medical needs that TPCTs are particularly well suited to fulfill.
  • Section C examines cancer treatments, highlighting the roles that radiation and monoclonal antibody therapies currently play.
  • Section D looks at a novel approach to cancer therapy, radiation-emitting Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics, also called radioimmunotherapeutics (RIT) that combines two powerful treatment options: radiation and monoclonal antibodies. The components of RIT are discussed, with a focus on emerging therapeutics that carry a type of radioactive atom called an alpha particle emitter. 
  • Section E examines the historical economic and reimbursement issues in the radiation-emitting TPCT market.  This section is a case study of the only two such products that are currently FDA-approved, Zevalin and Bexxar, both beta-emitting therapies for lymphoma.
  • Section F examines the much improved economic and reimbursement prospects for the radiation-emitting TPCT products still in clinical testing.  This section provides case studies of two companies and their lead products: Algeta and Actinium.
  • Section G provides background on Actinium’s lead indication for Iomab-B, bone marrow conditioning in difficult-to-treat cancer patients.
  • Section H provides background on Actinium’s lead indication for Actimab-A, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in the elderly.
  • Section I is a detailed discussion of Actinium’s position in the Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics market.
  • Section J provides profiles of Actinium and other companies that are developing armed antibody approaches for targeting cancer cells.
  • Sections A through J of the report begin with “Fast Facts” boxes that highlight key elements of each section and the conclusions that can be drawn from it.
These reports are furnished upon request for information purposes only.  Please read the important disclaimers in each report.
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