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Corporate Services   Parthenon Associates LLC is a Financial Consulting from that provides services to corporations in Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Development Stage Technology companies.

ROBERT M. LeBOYER  Founder and Principal
Robert LeBoyer, Founder and Principal, started as a Biotechnology Analyst with Prudential Securities in 1992.  He later moved to Brown Brothers Harriman, where he continued to follow the introduction of new therapeutic products, new emergence of technological breakthroughs, and growth of the industry.  He later worked at Leerink Swann & Company, where he followed the Amgen-Transkaryotic Therapies patent infringement trial in the District Court and through subsequent appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC).  His work earned the firm's first recognition in
Institutional Investor magazine's "Best of the Boutiques" ranking as the number one firm in Biotechnology.
He began working with SignPath Pharmaceuticals as a Corporate Finance Consultant, establishing the initial company structure and patent licensing.  Shortly afterwards, he became Acting CFO, and wrote the SEC documents for the company's initial financing rounds.

Parthenon Research has published reports on the biotechnology industry, FDA regulation, and company stock recommendations. In addition to the biotechnology and health care industries, he has written research on digital media, consumer products, and diversified companies. In 2011, he was a Senior Author on a report analyzing the changes to the health care system in China.  The report looked at the structure of the industry and how it differs from the US and European industries, as well as how different segments within the pharmaceutical industry will perform after recent changes in the new health care environment.  The report also compared different exchanges where China-based company stocks trade, and found patterns in their valuations, multiples, and trading behavior.

His interest in Neurology and diseases of aging led him to follow the scientific developments for Alzheimer's disease.  Parthenon Research published several reports on companies in the field and Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease and Future Therapies, a report available by request. 

Our most recent publications is entitled Targeted Payload Cancer Therapeutics - The Next Generation Emerges.  This report looks at new developments in the treatment of cancer.  The report describes recent progress, the field of monoclonal antibodies, and the new class of drugs that combines targeting agents with radioactive atoms for effective cancer killing with limited side effects.

Dr. PHILIP COHEN  earned his B.S. in Biology at MIT, his Ph.D in Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkley, and his MBA from New York University.  He has served as San Francisco Bureau Chief for the British Magazine New Scientist, as Senior Science Writer at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, and as a Contributing Editor for Scientific American.  He has reported on cutting-edge developments in medicine and biotechnology for more than 20 years.

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